We work to make your life simpler

We are building a superapp that is financially inclusive to help Africans transact easily and be in control of their money. Today, thousands of Staxxers around the world use Stax to make more than 1 million transactions.

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Who we are

We are a globally distributed team on a mission to build an inclusive internet. We started Hover Developer Services, Inc. (“Hover”) because of a technical innovation that allowed us to run USSD sessions in the background of an Android app. Hover helps developers automate USSD sessions in the background of Android applications.

Our Android SDK can run virtually any USSD interaction on any mobile operator anywhere in the world. This includes payments, airtime top up, bill pay and more. We are now using our core technology to build Stax, a fintech app that leverages USSD automation technology to power offline and online payments for individuals and small businesses in Africa.

What defines us

Our values define us. They shine through in our everyday work and communications. We put our Staxxers first, with simplicity at the core of our work. They are the reason we exist. Every day we work collaboratively with Staxxers to create services that optimize their financial experience and make their lives simpler.

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