Airtime Bonuses For Staxxers in Kenya

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Hi there Staxxers,

We are very excited to announce that Stax users in Kenya will now get extra airtime (bonus) whenever they use Mpesa to top up their airtime on the Stax app.

The Bonus

Stax allows users in more than 6 African countries to send and request money, buy airtime, pay bills and transfer money between their own accounts with or without data or stable internet connection. That’s right! Stax works offline; and, in addition, gives you complete control of your money by enabling you to manage your multiple banks or mobile money accounts in one app.

To go a step further and starting with Kenya, buying airtime on Stax now comes with an extra benefit.

Every time you buy airtime (of at least 20 Ksh) and pay using your Mpesa on Stax, you’d get 5% in bonus.

How Does It Work?

  • Buy at least 20 Ksh worth of airtime on the Stax app and pay using Mpesa.
  • Immediately after the successful transaction, you’d instantly get credited with the bonus.
  • The bonus goes to the number is airtime both for. i.e. if you buy for your phone number, the bonus is credited to your number. But if you buy for a friend, the bonus goes to their number.
  • The airtime bonus is only available to users in Kenya.
  • Bonus is available for only airtime purchases between 20 Ksh and 10K Ksh per purchase.

Try it now

To enjoy the airtime bonus when you buy airtime for yourself or someone,

  • open your Stax app. If you don’t have the Stax app, download it from Google Playstore.
  • Select “buy airtime” or top up on the bonus banner at the top of the home screen.
  • You just have to buy airtime of at least 20 Ksh for any network for yourself or someone else and pay with your Mpesa
  • You’d receive an extra recharge immediately after your successful transaction.

Try it now.

Extra airtime = Extra minutes with your loved ones, and more texts.

P.I Peace Itimi

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