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Money mappers are a group of remarkable individuals from communities across Africa who help make the magic of Stax work, and earn money in return. Apply here.

They add USSD code pathways for their home country, and mobile operator to Stax so that people in their community can get started on a path of financial inclusion. This means everyone has a better chance to send money, buy airtime and pay bills without need for the internet.

By creating ‘USSD code pathways’ that make it easier for people in their country to use Stax to send and receive money offline from their mobile phones, these local heroes are creating better lives for people in the most remote corners of the continent.

Stax is an android app that helps Africans send money, buy airtime, pay bills, and check their account balance OFFLINE or online. You can transact from any of your bank or MoMo accounts in one place - Stax. It is secure, convenient, and gives you full control. No extra fees. No internet required.

There are three tiers:

  • Money Mappers: This is the first and basic tier of the money mapping community. Money mappers are critical in making Stax better for people in their community and as a result they are our frontline foot soldiers in financial inclusion. You’ll be the one to say “I was part of making this” when people are using flows you’ve mapped. After mapping a number of successful flows, and meeting a few other requirements, you can qualify to become a Super Mapper in your city.
  • Super Mappers: This is the premium tier of the money mapping community. Super mappers are mappers (in our head, superheroes) who love Stax, passionate about community building and can be guides to the new money mappers in their community! They enjoy sharing their skills and mindsets to help build a healthy money mapper community in line with Stax values. They can answer questions, give suggestions and tips, and sometimes make new suggestions that increase the sum of a Staxxer and money mapper’s experience! Super Mappers are in-world experts on the subject of Stax money mapping. Join our Super Mappers Team and help us create guides to make it easier for new money mappers to use Stax! You will have fun learning, creating and sharing your knowhow with the world. In addition to all the Money Mapper perks, Super mappers will be invited to yearly team bonding events within their country to hang out with team members of Stax HQ.
  • Country Mappers: This is a Super Mapper voted by Super Mappers in a city to become their leader. It is the highest tier of the money mapping community and they have extra perks like holiday vacation outside their home country to international around the world to hang out with Stax HQ.

Money Mapper Values: Add Value, Grow and Earn

Money Mappers Mission: Make Stax Better, Make Africa Better

To qualify to apply, you must:

  • Be located in Africa.
  • Use an Android phone.
  • Be a Staxxer (Stax user).

What’s in it for you?

  • Although money mapping is largely a community-driven initiative, you get paid for every successful bounty mapped.Every money mapping task comes with a bounty of $3 to $5 depending on the difficulty.
  • Access to the Stax HQ team, internship and mentorship opportunities with Stax.
  • Access to online scholarships to learn a tech skill of your choice.
  • Branded Stax merchandise.

How it works

To earn the bounty, you will have to complete the mapping task. Payments for successful bounties are typically paid out within 7 to 10 business days.

Michael’s Success Story:

So far, Stax has paid out a total of over $12,000 to mappers since it started paying for bounties last year. Mappers have earned up to $600 over the course of their mapping. One mapper, Michael, was able to save up money to buy a laptop from the bounties he earned as a mapper. He shared that he has been using the laptop to practice his software development training. Money Mapping changed his life and empowered him to earn in dollars.

Application process:

*Application ends 11:59pm WAT September 18, 2022. Please read the Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct before you apply.

Terms and Conditions

To participate in the Stax Money Mapper program, you agree to:

  • Use your own personal Android device.
  • Use your personal SIM(s) registered to your name.
  • Sign up to participate in the program using your primary Google account and sign in using that email every time.
  • Use a bank and/or mobile money account registered to your name.
  • Adhere to our code of conduct and treat other Stax Money Mappers and HQ team members with respect.
  • Provide only valid and true information when requested by Stax HQ team. You also agree that all information provided so far are true and correct.
  • Use a single email address for Money Mapping. Each account approved is for use by a single individual user and only one account may be associated with a single verified email address.
  • Not share your login information with any other person or with multiple users. Signing in to Money Mapper using multiple email addresses will result in you getting banned from the program permanently.
  • Our payment terms where payments for successful bounties are made once every month.

    Signing in to Money Mapper using multiple email addresses will cause payment delays of approximately 14 days. Do not use multiple email addresses to access bounties. Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in suspension and eventually termination from the program, if chosen.

Apply here.

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